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A Spanish night with Suspiro Flamenco… A Flamenco Sight through Music and Dance.

Enjoy music and dance comfortably from your home or wherever you may be. Suspiro Flamenco will be demonstrating different rhythms of flamenco, Classical Spanish music and dance, a hint of rumbas, ballads, castanets and more!!!

You will learn about flamenco, interact with the artists and musicians; you will be able to participate from home by asking questions and acquiring some artistic skills. Get prepared to learn some rumba flamenca steps for your future repertoire.

Suspiro Flamenco was founded by Liliana Ruiz inspired by her love and passion for flamenco. Our mission is to provide our audience with authentic traditional music, classical Spanish dance, and flamenco,  as well as to share the mixture of cultures throughout different instruments. The diversity of our members’ background styles, are from Latin, Cuban and African percussion, to classical music, American jazz,  Spanish culture, flamenco, folklore and more.    The musicians and artists of Suspiro Flamenco are always ready to evolve and grow in this magical artistic journey.  Together, we have assembled sounds, rhythms, voices, and movements interpreting stories through music and dance. For this reason, Suspiro Flamenco has created a very particular style in its performances. 

Company directed by Liliana Ruiz - dancer 
Blane Bostok - flamenco guitar
Gryason Zuber - classical guitar

Donna Bostok- percussion
Yolanda Aguinaga - singer
  Marlena Gal - cello player 

   Suspiro Flamenco by Liliana Ruiz 

 A Flamenco Sigh through Music and Dance_____________________________