Classical Spanish Dancing

Liliana had the opportunity to study in the  "Academia de Danzas Españolas Rioja"  She had the opportunity to study with masters of classical Spanish Dance such as Pilar Rioja and Milagros Rioja. Liliana after a few years of studying with them, she became a teacher in the Academy of danced Rioja.

Spanish  Folklore

Liliana directed the "Artistic Group  of El Centro Asturiano of Mexico"  for over 10 years.  Throughout this time  Liliana studied the roots  of the culture, traditions and  history of Asturias based in a deep ethnological research.  

Latin - Ballroom dancing

Liliana has studied ballroom for a few years and became an intermediate instructor.

Up today Liliana is still dancing Latin dance and Salsa.

Dance team Head Coach / Social cultural dance teaching

Liliana has been a head coach of dance teams and taught social dances in a school for  cultural events .

Academic Education

  • Bachelors  degree --> Pedagogy
  • Masters  degrees   -->  Phycology of education
                                    -->  School Technology
                                    -->  Teaching Strategies

  • Spanish Teacher

Mexican and Latin American Folklore

Liliana was able to study with teachers of the Palomas folkloric school of  Mexico.

She has interpreted folklore of Mexico of different states of Mexico representing the authenticity of the roots of the Mexican culture


For information about classes or performances please contact Liliana at

Beginner, intermediate - advanced level for flamenco, Latin dance and folklore